Grant Applications

JRM Foundation accepts grant applications and requests based on the following Criteria.


  • whose efforts are primarily focused on underserved and marginalized communities with a focus on women and children’s health and education.
  • with responsible and transparent financial practices (Certified Financial Reports Required)
  • with a reliable history of mission fulfillment.
  • that are registered as nonprofits under the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)3.

Projects and Programs

  • which are in the scope of the Foundation’s mission.
  • which fulfill a community need and have a measurable impact.
  • which have several donors or funding sources providing financial support.

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Limitations and Restrictions

Funding requests from the following types of organizations will NOT be considered

  • Those that are not registered as 501(c)(3) status under Internal Revenue Service.
  • Other private foundations.
  • Those of a political nature that attempt to influence legislation and/or political campaigns for candidates seeking elected positions.
  • Those that lack fiscal responsibility for the proposed project.

Funding requests from the following types of programs and projects will NOT be considered

  • Contingencies, deficits, or debt reduction.
  • General endowment funds.
  • Direct aid to individuals.
  • Requests which do not align with the Foundation’s mission and purpose.

Eligibility Questions

To inquire if you are eligible to apply for a grant please contact us.

Submit a Grant Application

Please submit a Grant Application Form through our online form. Your application will be reviewed at the Board of Directors’ quarterly meeting.

Along with the Grant Application Form please provide the following:

  • Cover letter from your CEO or Executive Director
  • Financial statements, including balance sheets and income statement, current operating budget, and most recent filed Form 990 (if applicable)
  • Your organization’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter showing tax-exempt status
  • Full project budget
  • List of your organization’s board of directors and officers
  • If applicable, list of other donation and grant requests

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Grant Application Form may be considered ineligible if incomplete or has inaccuracies.

Foundation Action on Grant Applications

The JRM Foundation Board of Directors review applications at quarterly meetings which may change from time-to-time due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • If there are changes to the program post application submission such as: project’s focus, time-line, or budget, and progress toward its funding, including any major contributions, please inform the Foundation  
  • Foundation directors carefully review all applications received and representatives may communicate with requesting organization to gather more information, inquire, and/or make site visits. Such communication does not guarantee grant approval and should not be considered as a commitment by the Foundation.
  • Final decision on each application is made at a Board of Directors meeting.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing or by email of the approval or denial of its grant request - generally within two weeks of the decision of the Board of Directors.
  • Denied grant requests may be resubmitted after a period of 12 months. Resubmission request needs to follow the Grant Application Form criteria with updated information.

Applicant Responsibility for Follow-up to Grants

  • Last Dollar/Matching Grants: For “last dollar” or “matching” grants, which require other funds to be raised in order to qualify for the Foundation’s grant matching, it is the responsibility of the applicant to report on the progress or completion of the grant requirements prior to the established deadline. Failure to do so may disqualify the organization from receiving the grant.
  • Grant Impact Information: The Foundation requests that organizations provide follow up information about the benefits accrued from grants awarded by the Foundation. Responsible use of funds and updated reporting may be used in the review process for future grant requests.
  • Status Reports: The Foundation requests status reports on projects or programs that are “in progress” for which it has granted funds, particularly in the case of long-term projects toward which it is making multi-year grant payments.
  • Unexpended Funds: The Foundation requires organizations to report any grant funds not utilized for the intended purpose and may require return of excess funds to the Foundation.

Grant Denials

The JRM Foundation receives increasing number of applications for grants and funds, but unfortunately cannot fulfill all requests for projects within the scope of our mission given fiscal limitations.