Humanitarian Missions

#Hike4Humanity and #Climb4Humanity are humanitarian missions that combine the passion for helping local communities with the thrill for outdoor adventures.

The JRM Foundation Ambassadors embark on adventurous journeys to remote and rural areas around the world including Nepal and Pakistan to provide health care services and to partake in the JRM Foundation’s educational initiatives. In an effort to support local projects, climbers and trekkers help raise funds to acquire resources for the medical clinics and educational supplies for these countries’ rural schools. A trip highlight is to engage with and live within the local communities while partaking in adventures of climbing, hiking and trekking to these wonderful parts of the world.

In past years, JRM Ambassadors have provided medical services in the following regions of Nepal: Solukumbhu, Yangri, Bakhtapur, and Kathmandu. #Hike4Humanity and #Climb4Humanity participants have also provided disaster relief services in Nepal and Pakistan. The Foundation’s education initiatives are focused on preventing human trafficking, child labor, and bonded slavery. In Pakistan, the Foundation’s partnership with Institute for Development Studies and Practices provides women midwife training and education. With the help of Foundation supporters, ambassadors, and trusted local partners, the JRM Foundation can provide the necessary health care services and support local education programs.

If you are interested in joining us on an incredible journey and becoming a JRM Ambassador please contact us here.