Clinic Rebuild Complete

Natural disasters are indeed difficult to recover from, but the challenge is significantly worse for communities in the developing parts of the world where weak infrastructure already exists. Impact from a natural disaster is often catastrophic and recovery can take years to occur. There are many contributing factors to the delay in recovery including access to construction supplies, human capital, and the lack of government support and recovery funds. In these communities, recovery is often independently led with help from nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local community members, and volunteers.

One such region that has faced the significant challenge of recovery was Solukhumbu, Waku-9, a village in Nepal hidden among the valleys of Mount Everest. The JRM Foundation leaders and members were not only on the ground immediately after the 2015 earthquake to provide medical support and needed supplies, but they also remained present, long after, to complete essential work through medical missions and to provide medical supplies. After conducting numerous medical missions, the Foundation initiated a clinic rebuild effort to reconstruct a local clinic building, which had significant damage due to the earthquake. Despite the challenges of bringing in supplies to the region, which lacks proper road access, running water, electrical infrastructure, and essential human capital, the Foundation was successful in completing this project. In November 2020, the final touches to the clinic were completed and necessary pharmaceutical supplies were delivered to the clinic in Waku.

The JRM Foundation worked with the Tej Foundation in Nepal to manage the project and oversee its completion on the ground. Members from the Tej Foundation visited the clinic on a regular basis to oversee the project and bring in the essential supplies to operate the clinic. The JRM Foundation is proud and grateful to have finished this project in its entirety in 2020. With community support, donations, and long-term partnerships with local organizations the JRM Foundation board plans to continue annual support for the Waku clinic through our yearly medical missions, supporting the local clinician, and delivering pharmaceutical and medical supplies as needed. The JRM Foundation is committed to fulfilling its mission to provide access to health and education to women and children to communities in need.

—Beena M