COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 created an unprecedented challenge for all of us around the world. The pandemic caused great uncertainties for communities near and far, and the impact from the pandemic has not only been felt immediately, but it will also be realized long after there has been some resolve. Prior to the pandemic, no one could have ever imagined the world would essentially shut down and in so many ways—businesses closing, schools shutting down and transitioning to online operations, leisure travel all but ended, visiting family members had to take a pause, and the simple act of shaking hands and giving hugs becoming terrifying gestures. However, with all the changes, nothing came close to the losing of a loved one to COVID-19. People who faced significant health challenges, now have an added element to their struggles.

The pandemic shutdown intensified the lives of so many who were already struggling beyond their capabilities. A few of our community members lost their jobs, their homes, their businesses, and their loved ones. In actuality, staying home comfortably and only having to wear a mask was a great privilege. It was our duty and, it still is, to do our part in slowing the spread and helping alleviate the stress on our essential workers and community at large.

The JRM Foundation from the beginning of the pandemic felt compelled to work with local organizations and community members to identify those with the greatest need and to provide essential support. The Foundation supported community organizations including Aids for Friends, Idaho Food Bank, Family Services Alliances, Pocatello Free Clinic, Fort Hall COVID-19 Relief Fund, and Utah Food Bank. In alignment with our mission for health and education, the JRM Foundation provided food and essential health supplies to families with the greatest need in Pakistan. We believe in working together with our community to help alleviate some of the burden from those facing great challenges, and as we look ahead, hope for recovery from the pandemic.

The JRM Foundation is grateful for the support it has received since its founding that have made it possible for us to give back to our community for the past ten years, especially during these unprecedented times. The pandemic has brought forth unseen challenges for nonprofits. Due to the pandemic, their ability to sustain their work through donations has slowed. We humbly ask for your continued support, so we can provide relief to those with the greatest need without interruption. We hope you all stay safe and healthy for times ahead.

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—Beena M