ChildLife Foundation

ChildLife Foundation

Childlife Foundation was born of the idea to respond to the need for proper pediatric emergency care and partner with Government hospitals. The most practical and the quickest way to make an impact was to facilitate the larger government pediatric emergency units and manage them as a public/ private initiative. This would be done by completely renovating these run down emergency units so they become comfortable areas for healing.

ChildLife saw the need to provide essential oxygen systems and medical monitors, free medicines on 24 hour basis and improving the human resources to provide immediate care to save lives and to reduce suffering for those children who were not at imminent risk.

Donation Amount: $3,655.00

Crescendos Alliance

Crescendos Alliance

Overcoming barriers to health care including geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, organizational and linguistic obstacles. Innovations tailored to individual communities, their surroundings and their needs. Providing health care by directly treating those in need, by teaching health promoters to care for non communicable diseases, and developing an EMS system through first responders and improving system wide communications.

Donation Amount: $1,500.00

Family of Woman Film Festival

The Family of Woman Film Festival

The Family of Woman Film Festival was founded to bring attention to the issues confronting women and girls around the world through compelling cinematic stories. The 8th annual Family of Woman Film Festival, with the theme, Women and Their Dreams, will present a selection of films about exceptional woman and girls who have taken control of their destinies. The festival will take place Thursday, February 26, to Sunday, March 1, 2015, at the Sun Valley Opera House in Sun Vally, Idaho, which will be preceded by the Bonni Curran Memorial Lecture for the Health and Dignity of Women on Tuesday, February 24, at St. Thomas Church in Sun Valley, followed by a reception.

To watch a trailer, view photos, and learn more about this important cause, please visit The Family of Woman Film Festival Website.

“Hill” Everest Region Village in SoluKhumbu D&D Clinic

We embark on an 8-10 day hike, with 3 days spent hiking from the nearest airstrip to this village in a remote region of Mt. Everest SoluKhumbu, called Waku-9 “Hill.” A clinic was started here for local villagers in 2009. We travel with some of the doctors and nurses from USA and bring medications and supplies to the village. We spend 3-4 days in the village in tents and do a Medical Camp. Some of the people who come to the clinic walk 1-3 days to get there, and many have never seen a healthcare provider in their lives.

Rama VIII Orphanage

In a small center in the middle of Bangkok Slum under Rama VIII bridge you will find Kru (teacher) Chao. Kru Chao is a man with amazing capacity and passion. He was left homeless by his family very early in his life because of the fact he was born with disability. He taught himself off the streets and became a teacher. He now runs a small children support center under Rama VIII bridge under one of Bangkok`s largest urban slums, taking care of kids who have mental, physical and social challenges. Kru Chao provides these children toys, medicines, and supplies like diapers and food.

Kru Chao is a man born with disabilities, but throughout the odds, he graduated from college and spends his time with at-risk children. He spends his time collecting garbage, sells items for money to get books, diapers, and toys for children, even in a city full of drugs and gambling. He even goes through the garbage and cleans toys for children.

Real Himalaya

Real Himalaya

Real Himalaya is a holiday planning company for private trips, trekking, climbing, expeditions, sightseeing, and even more adventurous trips in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Real Himalaya firmly believes in quality service, great plans, and fair prices.

Real Himalaya is a government registered, Nepal-based travel and tourism service company run by professionals serving in tourism for decades. To learn more about Real Himalaya, please visit the Real Himalaya website.

Little Sisters Fund

Little Sisters Fund

Gender disparity, especially in education, is a critical issue in Nepal. 66% of men can read and write, while only 43% of females can. In rural areas, 7 out of 10 girls drop out of school by age 16. Young girls who are not in school are particularly susceptible to trafficking for the sex trade, child labor, and child marriage. At 51%, Nepal’s rate of early marriage is one of the highest in the world, with girls married four times as often as boys. As many as 10,000-20,000 girls are trafficked into the sex industry annually.

The Little Sisters Fund provides long-term scholarships to economically disadvantaged and at-risk girls who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend or continue school. Through our supplemental program – mentoring, awareness raising, preventative health care, and teacher training – we deliver comprehensive support that ensures girls thrive through the end of school and beyond.

You can learn more about Little Sisters Fund by visiting their website:

Donation Amount: $11,972.00

Women's World Health Initiative

Women’s World Health Initiative

WWHI’s mission is to save and improve the lives of mothers and their infants, particularly in rural populations. According to the World Health Organization, 99% of maternal deaths each year occur in developing countries. Women in rural areas are more vulnerable than those in cities or towns as they generally lack access to sufficient healthcare services. Senegal, for example, has a maternal mortality rate 300 times greater than the United States. Including Senegal’s major city, Dakar, there are about 350 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in the country. The facts are even bleaker for women outside the urban areas of Senegal. They face a devastating 800 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Mothers in these areas have little or no access to antenatal or postpartum care.

Risk during childbirth is increased by malnutrition, malaria and young age pregnancies. Economic factors, such as lack of infrastructure, also adversely affect the ability of mothers to survive pregnancy and childbirth. Although a doctor and nurses work in a central clinic, expectant mothers cannot easily reach it during the rainy season, leaving them alone to deliver their babies without medical care.Women in rural villages need access to local healthcare workers who are trained in emergency obstetrical procedures. WWHI is making this happen.

Donation Amount: $7,500.00


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