JRM Foundation for Humanity's Idaho Hometown Hero Medal Awards
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Idaho's Hometown Hero Award Medals

About JRM Foundation for Humanity

The JRM Family Foundation (Jamshaid- Rahim- Mannan) is a fund under a not-for-profit organization, the Idaho Community Foundation. JRM Foundation for Humanity pursues a philanthropic mission established by Drs. Naeem and Fahim Rahim, whose lives began modestly in a small town of Pakistan. Drs. Rahim were recipients of the prestigious Ellis Island Medals of Honor in 2011, and were also recipients of the 2007 Congressional record by the US Senate.

Drs. Rahim started Idaho Kidney Institute in rural Southeastern Idaho after moving from New York in 2005. The goal was to provide state of the art care for patients suffering from kidney diseases, and also for those in need of kidney transplants or dialysis. Since then, Idaho Kidney centers are one of the largest providers of care for kidney disease patients in Southeastern Idaho, providing coverage to a catchment area of about 250,000 people.

Drs. Rahim philosophy of giving is based on experiences growing up in a small town in Pakistan that teaches the value of personal engagement and involvement. They had strong influence from their mother regarding the value of education, and that making philanthropic investments should make an appreciable difference in communities where they live and beyond.

The JRM family foundation seeks to provide funding with no discrimination to race, color, culture, religion, nationality, and social or ethnic background. It pursues to improve lives of people in general, with special emphasis on improving the quality of women and children’s health and education and treatment and research for Cystic Fibrosis.