Today my faith in the “Power of One” was reaffirmed. Kru Chao is a true superhero for all these kids and I. A small framed, frail man, whose passion and grit has made a big difference in the lives of these kids living in a slum in a city (Bangkok) with a population of over 10 million.

Today the Hike4Humanity delivered toys and candies to these kids, but we got a whole lot more in return. They taught us “The Art of Living” & that life is beautiful despite the odds and the struggles.

Fahim Rahim with Hike4Humanity in Bangkok, Thailand
Fahim Rahim with "Boom"
Braxton Coffin With Kru Chao
Hike4Humanity Hikers at the Airport
Dave Coffin and Bangkok Children
Children in Bangkok, Thailand
Hike4Humanity Hikers visiting children in Bangkok
Dr. Fahim Rahim - Hike4Humanity
Hiking at Night
Morning Tea at Hike4Humanity
Orphans and Hikers
Dr. Fahim Rahim and Dave Coffin
Dr. Fahim Rahim
Hike4Humanity Group
Treating a Wound
JRM Foundation for Humanity - Hike4Humanity 2014
Hikers 2014
Levon and Horn
Kids Thanking Hike4Humanity
Phablu landing
Dr. Fahim Rahim
Lone Tree