It was the second day of our #Hike4Humanity 2014 medical camp, in  a remote village in Mt Everest district of Solukhumbu. A father brought his 8 years old daughter who has been going blind over the last 12months. She now had fairly limited vision in her eyes. My hiking partner David Coffin and I assured the father, although we are not able to help his daughter but we will find a way to help restore her eyesight.

After returning back to Idaho, we contacted a few friends locally and then a group of doctors in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal. We were able to arrange for this young girls transportation from her village which is a 3-4 days hike from the closest facility.

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I am happy to share this email I received last week from one of the doctors in Kathmandu !

” Dear Fahim,
Sorry to reply you late doc. I was a lot busy with my residency stuffs. You know how it is . I just want to say that we had that girl in our hospital and we met her with an ophthalmologist. He says that it is a Vernal keratoconjunctivitis. And, for now he has suggested medicines and some antibiotic and steroid eye drops. He says that the patient has to be in regular follow up . He says that she doesn’t need any surgeries at present but may need in future. So, she is in regular follow up in the hospital and Dandy always brings her. I am attaching a copy of the prescription of that girl herewith. Hope to talk to you soon.”

Her eye disease was a result of chronic allergic reaction to constant smoke from wood stove in her house and hot & humid living conditions. this lead to constant irritation & scarring of her cornea. This could have lead to permanent loss of vision. I am hopeful she will have a complete recovery. With deep thanks to my dear friends in Nepal Dr. Ashik and Sherpa Dendi dai.

I will keep you all posted.

Fahim (@Skibum4Eva)

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