Helen Wayman Ward  
Helen Wayman Ward, 2014 Medalist
Helen was the music specialist for Malad Elementary School for over 30 years. She retired in 2013. Mrs. Ward collaborated with the 4th grade teachers and the local American Legion Post to have the 4th graders perform a special Veterans Day program every year.

Helen has served on the Oneida County Hospital Board for eight years, including two terms as chair. Helen has been the coordinator of the music programs for the Malad Valley Welsh Festival for the past eight years. Helen has been the piano accompanist for the Malad Valley Community Chorus for two years.

Helen and her husband have seven children. Their three adult sons all have a genetic muscle disorder (mytonic dystrophy), which is a difficult challenge for Helen as the young men become increasingly disabled. Her sense of humor seldom falters in spite of facing such ongoing and increasing mental and physical health challenges in her family.