Dr. Lloyd Call  
Dr. Lloyd Call, 2014 Medalist
Lloyd started his career in Boise at the end of World War II. He turned down a residency in Neurosurgery because of an allergy to the latex in the surgical gloves and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Utah. As chief resident he oversaw an entire ward of patients with polio, each living in an iron lung.

Dr. Call was on the original board that established Blue Cross of Idaho. In the 1960s, he helped changed the formula of how school districts were awarded funding from the state. In the 1970’s he played a key role in the establishment of the WAMI medical education program that enables Idaho residents to gain access to medical school seats at the University of Washington. He was instrumental in the creation of the ISU Family Practice Residency in Pocatello.

In his medical practice he had a lifelong love of Cardiology. When the hospital dragged its feet to put in a nuclear camera to image the heart, he bought it himself and put it in the hospital. Dr. Call and his late wife lay the groundwork as the first medical missionaries for the Church in Southeast Asia. Stationed in Hong Kong, they visited 13 countries from Mongolia to Pakistan as ambassadors of good will, visiting hospitals and delivering humanitarian aid. Dr. Lloyd has, for years, enjoyed his association with, and given support to the Idaho State Civic Symphony, Idaho State University, the Portneuf Hospital Foundation, the Pocatello Chiefs, and the Pocatello Rotary Club, which he has represented all over the world.