Ann Toomey Walsh  
Ann Toomey Walsh, 2014 Medalist
Ann has succeeded in making a personal dream come true, and in so doing improving the lives of children with cancer, their families, and a host of volunteers by the creation of Camp Magical Moments Cancer Camp for Kids in Swan Valley, Idaho. Children from as far away as South Dakota attend this camp where they can be “normal” for a week.

At Camp Magical Moments these children are all considered equal and eagerly participate in the demanding physical activities of the Climbing Wall, Zip Line, Swimming, Archery, and a Mom’s Weekend during which the mothers of the campers are treated to a weekend of special pampering.

In addition to the camp for cancer victims, Ann also has a weekend experience for the siblings of the patients who often harbor feelings of confusion and resentment. Ann’s efforts have improved the lives of the children with cancer and their families.

Ann, through establishing this special place, has provided hundreds of volunteers an opportunity to find something that is good within themselves and repay their debt to society. These efforts have helped elevate the level of consciousness in the local communities with regard to childhood cancer and brought people from diverse backgrounds, social strata, and interests together with the common goal of making life a bit better for these children.