Addy Mayer  
Adelaide “Addy” B. Mayer, 2014 Medalist
Addy is an amazing 15-year-old young lady full of life and love. Her impact on the community is full of meaning. Since 2006 Addy has grown up helping care for her father who was injured while serving in Iraq. Her father has traumatic brain injury, PTSD, bi-lateral hearing loss, spinal issues, and the list rolls on. He has many of what we call “squirrel moments.” There are days her father can’t mentally do for himself and Addy, with a smile, steps in to help her father succeed by being a driver, chauffeur, and a daughter. There are times she wants to break down and cry, or she feels alone in this world living with a dad like hers. But she never lets these feelings slow her down. Addy accepts her daddy’s limitation while filling gaps with humor.

In 8th grade Addy joined her church youth group as a Volunteer Athlete with the Four Rivers Special Olympics Team. Addy takes great joy and pride in her time with this organization. Addy also continually volunteers her time at a church, helping mow and maintain the church yard. Addy lives a true example of a person’s willingness to give of her time and talents to others in need. She is a find example for her school and her community.