Howard Manwaring  
Howard Manwaring, 2013 Medalist
Nominated by: Eve Manwaring
Howard Manwaring has dedicated thirty-plus years to working with at-risk youth (and their parents). Howard is currently serving as a second-term Bannock County Commissioner. While working as a Bannock County Deputy, assigned to the Juvenile Division, Howard created a program entitled Bannock County’s “Sheriff’s Camp.” This program brought together law enforcement and the child in a mentoring format and has helped thousands of “at-risk” boys and girls in our community. This type of program was instrumental at reaching a child before it was too late. Howard also developed (and taught) a very straightforward education program called “Short Stop” for sentenced area youth and their parents. Still being taught today, this program gives both the child and the parent the tools necessary to overcome adversity and become happy, law abiding and productive adults.

Howard has been instrumental in turning so many young, troubled lives around for the greater good and continues to be “the” example for all those he has worked with. He has also become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the Western United States teaching adolescents about the dangers of gangs, drugs, suicide and violence. Howard values our law enforcement community and volunteers his time teaching for Idaho State University in the Law Enforcement Program. Howard also teaches classes to School Personnel, Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, and Community Leaders and Parent Groups. Howard and his wife, Eve, have four children and six grandchildren.

Howard Manwaring currently sits as a second-term Bannock County Commissioner, who won this seat because of his bi-partisan approach to improving Bannock County. Howard excels in the challenges of his Commissioner seat, but it is his devotion, dedication, compassion and love for the youth in our community (past, present and future), that make him a hero to many.

Howard still is the “go-to” guy for programs he originated like the “Sheriff’s Camp” and “Short Stop” – offering all the answers to help both child and parent. His involvement was a 24-7 approach, and to this day, he continues to receive calls for help before and after work hours and on any weekend. He will leave his bed to help a child in crisis, no matter the time on the clock. (The most recent of these calls was just this past summer, working with a parent and teen in a drug deal gone bad.) His talent as a motivational speaker has an appeal that truly transcends the barrier that normally exists between adults and youth. His has such a unique ability to talk to both parent and child and help them both. His work with children, which extends over thirty years, has provided a keen understanding of their problems today. He is a leader among men who has devoted his life to helping children become happy, productive adults.