Steve Appleton, 2012 Medalist
In Memorium
Steve Appleton embodied the American Dream. He moved from the manufacturing floor to the chief executive office of a Fortune 50 company. Appleton grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs and attended Boise State University. After beginning his career in the 80’s with Micron Technology as a night-shift production operator, Appleton continued to achieve greater levels of responsibility during the course of the next decade. He was named Vice President of Operations in 1989; President and COO in 1992; Chairman, President and CEO in 1994; and Chairman and CEO in 2006. At the age of 34, he was the third-youngest CEO in the Fortune 500.

In addition to receiving a variety of high level awards throughout his career, Appleton contributed both his time and money to a variety of worthy causes and programs. In 1999, Appleton established the Micron Foundation. The Foundation directs a $100 million fund and has reached approximately 1,200 agencies. The Foundation has impacted schools, teachers, students and communities around the world. In addition, he personally donated millions of dollars to a variety of programs—ranging from university engineering activities to sports facilities. He previously served as a Board Member for the Saint Luke’s Regional Medical Center, a member of the Idaho Supreme Court Advisory Council, a trustee of Boise State University and as a member of the Idaho Business Council. Mr. Appleton was an avid aviator and outdoorsman with hobbies that included motocross, skydiving, scuba diving and biking. He is survived by his wife and four children of Boise, Idaho.