Jonathan Cree, M.D.  
Jonathan Cree, M.D., 2012 Medalist
Dr. Jonathan Cree trained at Oxford University. He received his medical degree from St. Thomas’ Hospital and did residency at the Charing Cross Hospital in London. While at Charing Cross Hospital, Dr. Cree received the English Family Medicine award with added qualifications in pediatrics and obstetrics. He met his wife, Holly, in London when she worked a stewardess for Pan American Airlines. The two immigrated to California where he pursued an academic professional life in Family Medicine. From 1978 to 1996, he served as a faculty member at UCLA programs. After leaving the Northridge Family Medicine program, Dr. Cree was hired as the director of the ISU Family Medicine Residency Program in Pocatello. Under his leadership, the program advanced from a 4-4-4 program to its current size of being a 7-7-7 program. The program is on track and has been awarded accreditation to start a rural training track in Rexburg. As of July 1, 2012, the ISU program has graduated 90 residents; 44 have stayed in Idaho and over 70% have settled in rural practices.

Dr. Cree is passionate for educating residents in full spectrum Family Medicine and in assisting the underserved in Pocatello and Southeast Idaho. He continues to be active in obstetrics, delivering babies, caring for hospitalized patients and serving in the outpatient arena. He also has a deep interest in geriatrics. Dr. Cree has two children, both of whom are physicians. He was a national level athlete in England and shares an avid interest in downhill skiing, an interest shared among all his family members, including his grandchildren.