Jody Olson, 2012 Idaho Hometown Hero Medalist  
Jody Olson, 2012 Medalist
Jody Olson grew up in Richwood, Ohio. She earned an AA from Stephens College, where she achieved status on the Top 20 student list. She also earned a B.S. from the University of Colorado. She is a staff member at Pebble Creek Ski Area in Guest Services; she is ranked in singles and doubles in Tennis-USTA Southwest Club & City Champion in Gold; she has been named Queen of the Mountain at the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon for 13 years at 1st place; and she was awarded the Dave Richardson Award—Exceptional Devotion to the SPIRIT OF CYCLING at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

At age 62, Jody Olson discovered the joy of Senior Olympics. When Olson moved to Idaho in 1999, she discovered that there were no Senior Games in the area. Olson had competed in many state and national Games coast to coast and upon discovering there was an absence of Games in the area, she thought, “What’s that?” She went on to launch a very active and successful “senior games” program in this area. The first games were held in August of 2003. Ms. Olson believes that if you feel something is missing in the community, one should give it their all to promote the activity. Southeast Idaho Senior Games is her labor of love. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to ages 50+, the Games have grown from 150 participants to more than 1,000 from 32 states and Canada. According to Jody, “It’s why I put my shoes on in the morning!” She has been married to her college sweetheart for 60 years.