Bonnie Stoddard, 2012 Idaho Hometown Hero Medalist  
Bonnie Stoddard, 2012 Medalist
Bonnie Stoddard has dedicated her life to community service. At 82 years old, she still serves her community at the same capacity she has for more than 50 years. She has truly impacted Clark County. She is responsible for the only Clark County History Book, which is over 500 pages. She has been the Parade Chairman for more than 40 years; served on the Clark County Rodeo Committee; as well as served as Officer of the Clark County Extension Homemakers, Historical Society, Lions Club Officer and District Governor—all while serving as the writer and photographer for the local newspaper.

Ms. Stoddard has also added the following to her community service resumé over the past 12 years: serving on the Clark County Economic Development Council, Planning and Zoning Commission; Fort Henry/ Lost Gold Trails Byway Committee; Republican Precinct Committeeman; and working with BYU Library to categorize and put over 1,000 pictures of Clark County online. Most recently she spent over 40 hours, over nine days, painting to help make the downtown improvements with Operation Facelift. Without Bonnie, there would be no organized recorded history of Clark County. The Clark County community would be at a loss without Bonnie.