Hike4Humanity 2014 – The Hikers

Fahim Rahim
Dr. Fahim Rahim,
Pocatello, Idaho
Alina Ekbal
Alina Ekbal,
Andee Coffin
Andee Coffin,
Pocatello, Idaho
Braxton Coffin
Braxton Coffin,
Pocatello, Idaho
Braydon Coffin
Braydon William Coffin,
Pocatello, Idaho
David Coffin
David Coffin,
Pocatello, Idaho
David Groves
David Groves,
Los Angeles, California
Jordan Setser, Hike4Humanity
Jordan Setser,
Pocatello, Idaho
Levon James Budding
Levon James Budding,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thipsavanh Sibouma Murray
Thipsavanh Sibounma Murray, Hike4Humanity Coordinator,
Pocatello, Idaho

In November 2014, the hiking team will hike for 12 days in one of the toughest mountain ranges in the world in Nepal. A two-day medical clinic will be provided in a remote Sherpa village, and the hikers will also contribute to providing education to girls who are at a high risk for human trafficking, child labor, and bonded slavery in that region.

Medical supplies are being collected as the most prevalent problems in that region are infections and kidney problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Basic issues connected to these problems are not having good access to clean water and poor living conditions.

The team will also be spending time and working with a few organizations in Bangkok, Thailand, for three days: November 13th-November 17th. From there they will fly to Kathmandu in Nepal and will be hiking the Everest region through November 30th.

Donations raised by the team so far total $14,442.00

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